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Our Team

Our team is made up of culturally diverse mental health experts, faith-based leaders, and professionals from multiple disciplines. We are passionate about empowering families, women, and children, who struggle with the human condition, domestic violence, trauma, suicide, and mental illness to reach their full potential.  With so much uncertainty now in our world as we all deal with the aftermath of Covid-19, our team is dedicated to resiliency and innovative treatment. We believe that mental health is foundational to all health and that knowledge empowers us to make a difference. We believe in healing justice and fighting against healthcare disparities and social injustices. 



Our Approach

The Center promotes hope, health and healing through mental wellness awareness by utilizing and implementing evidenced based education and life skills program models that have been shown to reduce the negative consequences on untreated or under-treated mental illness for people of color. Our skills training and counseling education programs embrace biological, economic, psychological, social and spiritual principles supporting restoration and renewal of the human spirit.

Through workshops, virtual and digital trainings, psycho-education counseling education programs, the Center is able to educate and empower under-served families facing potentially devastating life issues, such as homelessness, trauma, domestic violence, unemployment, and mental health conditions. Families and first–responders learn about risk factors, symptoms, protective factors as well as what to expect in treatment and how to navigate the treatment process and how to successfully manage the effects on the family and implement change.

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Board of Directors

  • Dr. Keshia Ogarro

  • Anthony Forrester
    Information & Systems Director

  • Sherine Chung

  • April Griswold

Advisory Board

  • Ayana Cole

  • Steve Reid
    Insight Strategies

  • Whitney Tymas, Esq.

  • Anna Phillips
    ABC News

  • Lynne Holden, M.D.
    Mentoring in Medicine/Montefiore

  • Scotti Williston

  • Gail Wright Sirmans, Esq.


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