Our Team

Our team is made up of culturally diverse mental health experts and professionals from multiple disciplines. We are passionate about empowering families, women and children of color, who struggle with the human condition, racism, racial injustices, domestic violence, trauma, and mental illness to reach their full potential. We believe that mental health is foundational to all health and that knowledge empowers to make a difference. WE can all make a difference if we fight against healthcare disparities,  social and healing injustices. 

Our Approach

Our approach is culturally sensitive, compassionate  and utilizes evidenced based programming strategies. The Center works with community partners with liked minded missions and believes in supporting vulnerable populations, youth and families as a focus to help empower those most in need. Education and awareness is the key.


"We believe that mental health is foundational to all health and that knowledge empowers to make a difference."

"Becoming a member of The Life Enrichment Center means you are dedicated to encouraging, strengthening and shaping our community; making a stand against mental health stigma and helping to improve quality access to those who are under serviced."

Our Mission


The Center  Is  dedicated to increasing quality access to mental health care  and stamping out stigma and shame. The Center has a goal of advocating for mental health healing justice and empowering vulnerable populations and people  of color, specifically targeting African American and Hispanic families.  As the world adjust to the "new normal'" of health threats from Covid-19, the center is also committed to resiliency, strengthening coping strategies and preparing communities how to live in faith and not fear. 



Please consider becoming a volunteer. The Center has a number of programs that currently need administrative and out reach support. Contact us if you are interested and have experience and skills you would like to share with us to help us shape our community in the following areas:

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