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Life Enrichment Center

 Full Circle

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Mental Health, Cultural Resiliency, Social Justice 

Our team is made up of culturally diverse mental health experts, social workers, faith-based leaders, community advocates and volunteers from multiple healing disciplines. We are passionate about empowering vulnerable families-- black and brown men, women, and children of color, who struggle with the negative mental, emotional, physical effects of poverty, inequality, injustice,  racism, trauma, discrimination. and marginalization.  



We believe that psycho-social health is foundational to total wellness and that socio-cultural and discriminatory barriers to optimal wellness and resilience must be addressed through education, training and advocacy. Through culturally-sensitive workshops on implicit and explicit bias, individual and institutional racism,  diversity and inclusion training, culturally sensitive counseling and psycho-education, and adaptive resiliency education programs, the Center is able to capacitate, empower and increase resiliency competencies of under-served, impoverished families and people of color  facing potentially devastating life issues, such as unemployment, homelessness, lack of health insurance,  domestic violence,  discrimination, racism and physical and mental trauma from negative encounters with law enforcement and other systems.  


Our Center goes beyond direct service training and education to black and brown people. We also provide technical assistance via assisting with developing programs and assessments that contemplate cultural sensitivity, implicit bias,  and tolerance in employee selection.  We also offer cultural awareness, sensitivity, and competency training. We also offer white privilege awareness, inclusion and diversity workshops, retreats, and training for organizations committed to increasing their understanding of how  racial equality, social justice and restorative justice contribute to mental illness and the phenomenon of "pre-existing medical conditions" that continue to put the poor, and black and brown communities at serious risk.

Full Circle
1136 Neil Ave
Bronx, New York 10461

Office: 718-518-7600


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If you go to Amazon Smile and shop through that portal. Every purchase you make Amazon will donate to our not for profit. Please consider shopping for a cause and help our families receive counseling support

 Our Commitment


Our Commitment

By collaborating with our community partners and related social justice service agencies, the Center is able to educate and train vulnerable families, organizations, heath providers, social service agencies. educational entities and first-responders, as we work together to preserve mental resilience and tonal wellness through awareness, education, training and direct intervention. 

 Our Mission


Our Mission

To eliminate social diseases such as. racism, injustice, discrimination, stigma, shame, fear and disparities, that contribute  to "pre-existing mental illness or medical conditions by providing culturally specific education, training. advocacy, and avenues to culturally competent treatment for people of color and simultaneously provide technical assistance and cultural sensitivity training for organizations that employ and utilize people of color.  




DID YOU KNOW Racism is linked to poor health outcomes and the development of pre existing health conditions that adversely affect the poor who are at great risk for death from COVID19,  the  perils of social injustice and the burden of poor healthcare.


DID YOU KNOW 1 in 4 people of color is poor, unemployment, has a debilitating illness, or suffers from an untreated mental illness.  They are also among the most likely to suffer and die in the context of being uninsured, unemployed, and unprepared to cope with the fallout of the global pandemic and barrage of social atrocities too often heaped on them on a daily basis. 


YOU can provide our hurting community with increased access to meaningful  support, empowerment, resources, and hope  by DONATING to the Center's culturally sensitive programs that promote healthcare equality, social justice, total wellness, positive coping skills & adaptive resiliency.



Programs & Services

Our training programs are culturally specific, strengths-based,  evidence-based and customized to amplify the unique resilience and meet the diverse needs of people of color. Some of our programs include


  • Learn Adaptive Resilience Skills

  • Learn Positive Psychology Coping 

  • Master Stress, Uncertainty & Anxiety

  • Unemployment /Hardship Counseling

  • Overcoming Intimate Partner Family Violence

  • Overcoming Trauma/Racial Justice

  • Overcoming Trauma/ Implicit Bias

  • Overcoming Trauma/ Discrimination

  •  Racism and Microaggression Strategies 

  • Coping with Traumatic Police Encounters

  • Black & Brown Female  Wellness & Resilience 

  • Black & Brown Male Wellness & Resilience 

  • Black & Brown Child/Adolescent Resilience

  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling

  • Comprehensive Mental  Resiliency Screening

  • Comprehensive Wellness Screening & Support


Volunteering & Membership

Please consider becoming a volunteer. The Center has a number of programs that currently need administrative and outreach support. Contact us if you are interested and have experience and skills you would like to share with us to help us shape, heal and empower our community's resiliency. 


Training Workshops & Seminars

The Center offers customized training and workshops to specifically targeting socio-cultural an socio-economic trends impacting the mental health and total wellness of African American and Hispanic individuals, children and families.  

The Center is uniquely qualified to provide organizations with practical, solution-focused, trainings on eliminating the barriers of social injustice, implicit bias, unconscious bias, racism, discrimination and cultural insensitivity and incompetence that hamper the emotional and physical well- being of black and brown human beings. 


 Peace of Mind and Justice

Funding Campaign

In this delicate time in our history, our lives have been dramatically altered.  Our peace of mind is also challenged by daily reminders of the stress and tough life choices associated with social distancing imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic, and the social injustice as evidenced by the killing of George Floyd.  For those who are most vulnerable, the poor, the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the situation has become unbearable. 

The poor has always had to bear the brunt of any major disaster.  The perfect storm of social distancing and social injustice have devastated many poor families leaving them with zero peace of mind. They do not have the luxury of large homes, with multiple rooms and bathrooms, or jobs that will allow them to work from home. Without direct help and intervention, they remain at risk for reinfection, hospitalization, or incarceration.


Please JOIN US in making a difference for these vulnerable individuals--our brothers and sisters and their families-- by raising $100,000 towards our being able to provide continued wellness screening , resiliency programs, increased access to culturally appropriate social services and mental health  support."   

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